Asta x Hawke Litter 2014

Asta x Hawke Litter 2014


Sire Name: "Hawke" - Guidinglight Hawke

Dam Name: "Asta" - CCI's Asta II

DOB: 24/10/2014

Breed: Labrador Retriever

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What a lovely litter this was….is! A litter of 9 black purebred Labrador Retrievers are now being raised in all corners of the country and globe. From wonderful working lines, we celebrate the fantastic blend of Asta and Hawkes quality pedigrees to bring soundness and character to service dog role.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this litter. They are now being socialised on service dog programs in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Hawaii.

Make sure to track the progress of the promising “Emma” who has stayed within the fold at Career Dog Australia. We think she has a very promising future…visit Emmas page here.