“BILLIE” – Guidlinglight Dotti’s Girl

“BILLIE” – Guidlinglight Dotti’s Girl


Sire Name: Guidewell Cuddles "CROFT"

Dam Name: Guidinglight Dotti "DOTTI"

DOB: 19/07/2011

Breed: Golden Retriever

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We are proud to introduce “Billie”, an enthusiastic, affectionate girl with generations of service dog royalty laid out in her pedigree. She offers her progeny, a wealth of proven Guide Dog working lines from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Billie is a late maturing, highly willing worker who is highly trainable. She is incredibly attentive, anticipates the handlers requests and is naturally intuitive to the human condition.

She should be described as high drive, an alert and busy dog while in a working environment, but a very easy and settled dog in the home. She can be left alone for long periods in the home and is trustworthy. She settles very quickly physically, relaxes completely and sleeps soundly. She is unreactive in the home, is friendly toward rangers and enjoys affection. Billie is positive toward other dogs, and although assertive within a group of Broods, she is also very accommodating and playful.

She has an easy, natural maternal instinct, is a natural whelper and an attentive dam.

Billie is a healthy, strong, well muscled dog. She has had nil skin complaints. She has a healthy appetite and holds condition nicely. She is often described by others as having “presence” and being “eye-catching”. She is an easy, sound mover. She has an easy care coat for service work that requires little attention. Her pigment is dark and coat colour rich.

Her litter sibling Iden and dam Dotti are breeding dogs on the Brisbane based Guide Dog program.