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Ms. Elgie at Career Dog delivers the ability to resolve immediate working-dog program needs with long term vision. As a manager, Lauren has a vibrant understanding of the multiple facets that support a working-dog program, from genetics to breeding husbandry to early social development and training. Ms. Elgie is able to liaise well with dog staff, volunteers, executives and veterinary professionals to meet your particular needs. Career Dog is an exceptional resource to bring it all together for your program while facilitating quick results coupled with long range working-dog colony development.

Marina Hall Phillips – Breeding Administrator
Assistance Dogs International Breeding Cooperative

assistance dogs of hawaii

Assistance Dogs of Hawaii


We believe that starting with the right puppy is most important – puppies that have the best chance of passing rigorous health and temperament screening. Over the past 15 years we have brought in dogs from all over the world to enter our Assistance Dog training program and the best we have found are from Lauren and Career Dog. Our graduation success rate has increased dramatically – the health and temperament of the dogs from Career Dog is the best we have found!

Maureen Maurer – Executive Director
Assistance Dogs of Hawaii

assistance dogs of hawaii



Empower Assistance Dogs

It is with great pleasure that we write this testimonial to Career Dogs Australia and Lauren Elgie.  We have known of Lauren and her dogs for many years through reputation and on occasion seeing dogs that she had produced and supplied to various service dog agencies both here and abroad.

In our businesses which some have been running since the late 1980’s, we have always struggled to find great candidate dogs for all forms of our working disciplines.  We got excited about dealing with Lauren and Career Dogs Australia after she advised us of what she could supply to help us in our quest to be able to supply greater number of excellent working candidate dogs.  People usually say if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true. When we first purchased a foundation bitch from Lauren to start our own breeding program, we wanted the best quality and Lauren advised us of which would suit the purposes we outlined.  We received our puppy after getting great information from Lauren regarding what we could expect from her and what she could produce….it sounded too good to be true! We have looked at thousands of puppies of our time of being professional dog trainers working both here and abroad and have to say that Lauren’s appraisal of what we could expect was exactly what we got and we could not be happier with the foundation bitch.  Lauren structured from the beginning all of the steps that we would need to take to ensure we had a successful outcome for our breeding program and this set us in great stead for our foundation candidate dogs for the future.

When we had our first two litters as advised by Lauren they were the most stable group of puppies that we have ever had the pleasure to test and our success rate was phenomenal.  Lauren has always seen fit to advise us and support us and that has been invaluable as our ability to produce extremely high quality candidate dogs for ourselves and we’ve even been able to assist some other service dog groups to start off with great candidates on their journey.

Without Lauren and her exceptional knowledge, advice and support, we would probably still be caught in a candidate wasteland of really having to scratch at the bottom of the barrel to try to acquire worthy candidates.  This is a very time consuming and costly thankless task that has more disappointments than successes by far and we count ourselves as extremely gifted to have Lauren in our corner helping to drive us along a fantastic journey that has yielded unbelievable results so far.  We look forward to purchasing more dogs from Lauren and Career Dogs Australia and our dogs that we have produced from her advice and supplied genetics have shown to be excellent candidates for both assistance and guide dogs and if ever we get any that are a little too highly driven, they have proven to make unbelievably fantastic detection dog candidates that have very calm natures with a high level of compliance and an unbelievable work ethic which makes them a joy to train and to work.

We could not recommend Lauren any higher than we are at the moment as in our books she has been instrumental in assisting us to develop a fantastic breeding program and she is always willing to advise us and support us on our journey.  In this current time of quick turnovers and profit being one of the most important things to a lot of businesses, Lauren provides an excellent and rare service that we could not do without.

Yours Sincerely,

Craig and Tracey Murray

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